Flour and semolina

foto Pastificio Tandoi - Garanzia di Origine e Gusto The Tandoi Mills are located in Corato (Ba), in southern Italy and they have been working for over a century in the milling and pasta production.

The mills are made up of two sections for soft wheat and a section for hard wheat and they work round the clock under the total control of a sophisticated computer system supervised by technical experts.

An imposing structure, capable of grinding 1000 tons of grain per day, using the most innovative technologies:

- The scouring which is applied to soft and hard wheat and this allows to obtain flour and semolina microbiologically safer.

- The micronization which allows to obtain kinds of calibrated flour and dietary fiber of a very high quality.

The grains are taken from selected silos and then milled ; the flour obtained is checked and sent or packed and stocked in modern departments of automatic packing.

Origin and flavour are the qualities that Tandoi ensures. This result derives from the careful selection of raw materials and a strict control system that is applied throughout the production chain.

We produce a wide range of flour, semolina and special blends, all of high quality, that guarantee excellent results using both professional and domestic use:

semolina for pasta
flour for bread
flour for pizza
flour for pastry
High dietary fibber

Our task as millers is to find the right balance between the different characteristics of the grain in order to prepare consistent quality mixtures, that are specific for any type of use thanks to the best milling technology and experience.

Innovative products that preserve the secret of milling.