foto Pastificio Tandoi - Garanzia di Origine e Gusto A commitment renewed like the seasons of nature.

Tandoi is a family tied to the land, fond of the flavours and true to its roots, with a simple story made up of passionate men.

Following the milling art of their family, brothers Philip and Adalberto in 1982 founded the Mills Tandoi joint-stock company concentrating the production capacity of some of Andria and Ruvo mills and eight years later, the only mill in Bari

In 1991 Tandoi buys Pasta Ltd. Walker, born in 1908 on the initiative of families Gervasi & Papuli for the production of handmade pasta. With this choice, the company completes the range of hard grain with the production of semolina pasta through the use of modern technologies, with the guarantee of a raw material selected and produced in the Mediterranean.

In 1996 the plant is transferred from the old town of Corigliano d'Otranto to the industrial area of the country.

In May 2004, the company changes its name to Philip and Adalberto Tandoi Brothers and strengthens the bond and the historical identity of the family.

In 2005 the company acquired the business operations, mill and pasta factory, dedicated to the production of dried pasta of Sri Ceres of Matera, in order to continue the process of completing the chain of hard grain, which relies on an integrated system of typicality and traceability.

In December 2006 the brand Amber, the most historic brand in Puglia, which has always been synonymous with quality and tradition is bought by the family Tandoi. In a few years, what was once a mill has become, thanks to courageous people, ideas and a serious trade policy, one of the leading millers and pasta makers of Italy, the youngest among the top 10.