About Us

We own four mills and two pasta factories, we work more than 300000 tons of grain and 65000 tons of pasta per year, we have over 200 employees and we are a family that from three generations is involved in the transformation of agricultural production and today in the field of mill-pasta making, to provide tasty and wholesome products on domestic and international markets.

The passion for grain accompanies each day of work and has created a team of firms that dedicate themselves with love and perseverance to take care of every detail, from sowing to harvesting, from the selection to milling, from the processing into meal and flour, to the creation of pasta that can meet all the tastes of Italian gastronomic tradition, using carefully selected raw materials.

Our company has always been oriented towards our clients and innovation: to create new products that meet the needs of the consumer is in fact our mission. Customers are our partners and with them, we create the most suitable products to meet their needs.

Quality and food safety, the passion for research and innovation, respect and responsibility are the cornerstones on which our daily commitment is founded.

Quality and food safety: our goal is to provide safe products, excellent organoleptic products able to contribute to a balanced diet.

- Passion for Research and Innovation: we orient our research strategy and our investment in production towards the creation of unique products of the highest quality through innovative research and manufacturing processes with our technology.

- Respect and Responsibility: we not only daily improve our human resources through their personal and professional fulfilment, but we also support the abolition of child labour and forced labour coercion within our sphere of influence along our chain of production.