Advanced technology

foto Pastificio Tandoi - Garanzia di Origine e Gusto Tandoi Mills company has been boasting for years a leading position in the adoption of innovative technologies that can ensure not only the complete automation of the production process, but also a continuous control and energy savings. Our technologies are able to ensure full safety and consistency in product quality.

The production process requires for its three lines (one of hard wheat and two of soft wheat) the use of high tech machines:

• OPTICAL SORTING (one per line): machine capable of separating the wheat from the seeds of weed and all the grains that have morphologically some quality defects.

• HOMOGENIZATION CELLS: machinery able to determine homogeneity of the product or batches of semi finished product obtained by grinding. It follows that the whole batch of grinding has the same qualitative characteristics for the entire quantity.

• MIXING SYSTEM (MACRO): A tool that allows you to make unconventional semifinished products and improve the technological performance of the flours.

• SCOURING MACHINE: we are the first in Italy to use the the scouring technology on soft grain, it is an innovation of the milling industry in recent years. Applied to the soft grain and to the hard grain, it yields the highest purity in terms of our sanitary products:
in particular it guarantees a reduction of chemical and biological contaminants (heavy metals, mycotoxins and micro organisms) ranging from 3O% to 50% compared to the original content, a reduction of enzyme activities, and the ash content of the bran meal points. It also gives an increase in quantitative yields of product obtained by grinding. Several studies to enhance even the by-products obtained from decortication have been recently carried out: in deed some fractions removed from the caryopsis of hard grain are affected by specific anti-oxidants and components of high nutritional value and health benefit.

• ENTOLETER Infestation DESTROYER: machine used for the treatment and prevention of the growth of insects possibly present in the seed, through a system of centrifugation and aspiration. The effect of centrifuging allows purifying the grain removing all foreign matter such as shells, grease, dirt etc.. killing weeds and insects and the eggs that may be present. After this operation the grain is channelled in the aspirator where the uniform velocity of the air enables the separation of the debris with maximum efficiency by increasing the yield.

• PLANT micronization and TURBOSEPARAZIONE: these are two facilities that operate synchronously. Through the micronization a reduction of the particle size of the flour is obtained making impalpable and consequently eliminating the possibility of the formation of lumps in the secondary stage of processing. The turbo separation, however, allows to separate two or more flours with different technological characteristics, from a single matrix and through the simple application of some natural physical principles.

The milling plants, all controlled electronically and of the latest generation, are the result of the ten-year experience of Buhler, a leader in systems.