Product Innovation

foto Pastificio Tandoi - Garanzia di Origine e Gusto The Tandoi company always aims to understand and meet adequately the needs of its consumers. To do this, through careful research conducted in our laboratories, the company is constantly engaged in the study and development of new products. For this purpose, we make use also of a close collaboration with ISPA CNR BARI (Institute of Sciences of Food Production),with the University of Bari, Foggia and that of other important national and foreign institutions.

Among the products under study there is a new product line "Gluten-Free": a low gluten content line designed to meet the nutritional needs of people with celiac disease.

Whole wheat Flour: obtained by grinding the soft grain flour after removing the outer layer of the caryopsis by decortications, it is rich in natural fibers that confer important functional properties and make the product easy to digest.

Whole Grain Semolina: semolina with a fiber content equal the one that wheat grain intrinsically possesses by nature. If the natural flour contains 3v / of fibers and the whole grain semolina between 6% and 7%, the whole grain semolina contains about 10% of fibers, equal to the amount naturally contained in a wheat grain.

Flour with yeast: currently under study, it contains natural yeast in powder and is designed to avoid the addition of yeast topanhl9catore. The powder improves the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product and allows you to savour the aromas and flavours of baked goods as before. They are in advanced stages of testing two variants: one for the production of bread and one for the production of pizzas and focaccia.