Food safety

foto Pastificio Tandoi - Garanzia di Origine e Gusto The Tandoi Group Companies work every day to ensure safe products in terms of food thanks to the respect of the compliance with HACCP and Codex Alimentarius, and with the application of all methods, that ensure a healthy product from a chemical and microbiological
point of view.
All stages of the process, from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished product, are traced: every single operator performs a set of operations defined on clear procedures aiming at collecting data that originate every time a production phase is completed. In this way the path of each batch in the chain is traceable in any time.

The quality control of goods entering and exiting the plants is continuously performed in their laboratories that have highly skilled staff and modern instrumentation.

The Tandoi Group also makes use of external laboratories accredited to carry out specific analyses.

Every day about 600 analyses are conducted